About Us

Our History

Brandon and I initially “met” while I was presenting some of his work along with my own with a fellow colleague in Galesburg, IL in 2018. Although I was not allowed in to see him as it took longer than expected for me to be put on his visitation list I sent him a letter letting him know how the presentation went and that we’d get a chance to meet up at some point in the future. Several hand-written letters, dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails later here we are, embarking on a new project together. I did eventually get put on his visitation list and got to sit down with him and talk face to face.

Brandon is currently serving a 42 year sentence at Hill Correctional Facility in Galesburg, IL and is a native of Chicago. I am a transplant to Chicago from Orlando, FL and have called Chicago home for the past 8 years. We’ve both been living in cities that we didn’t grow up in but have impacted our lives in several ways, for the good and bad.

As we navigated the roads in our lives the Universe saw fit that our paths cross. Little did we know the greater purpose behind us meeting when we did. As you take a peak into our conversations in this blog we ask that you personally reflect on the themes and how they exist within your own being. Our project isn’t a plea for anyone’s sympathy as we have an understanding that neither of us are victims and we’re not aiming to start the next campaign! We’re simply asking each other to go deeper internally and sharing our thoughts with the rest of the world, honoring each individual as a creative force.

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