6. Light

When you ask one set of questions, one set of doorways opens before you, and when you ask other questions, other doorways open.

Gary Zukav


I do want to share with you some of my other thoughts on the LIGHT chapter and some questions I have for you though:

So towards the middle of pg. 79 Gary says Lower-frequency systems pull energy from higher-frequency systems. if you are unaware of your emotions and your thoughts, your frequency will be lowered by—you will lose energy to—a system of lower frequency than your own. As we look past ourselves for a moment and into society, where do you see lower-frequency systems pulling from higher-frequency systems? And then where do you see this in your personal life?

Like are there systems in your emotional and/or mental state that pull at each other? Or in your relationships with others?

Gary also talked about how from the point of view of the Universe, all the ranks of creation are of equal value, all are precious in the middle of pg. 83. With that being said, tell me about how you see creation when you look out into the universe and where you see yourself within it? With the understanding that we’re not aligning with the worldly type of hierarchy we’ve been taught but rather from an understanding of us consciously being open to see the light in others.

And to top it off, What questions are you asking your non-physical teachers at this moment in your life?

Lower frequency systems pull energy from higher frequency systems. If you are unaware of your emotions and your thoughts, your frequency will be lowered by—you will lose energy to—a system of lower frequency than your own.

Gary Zukav
on Nature, how we see ourselves, and Caretaking

So now we get into the ‘Light’ chapter…so looking at the whole of society, or at least parts of it, and assessing where do I see there being incidents and situations of low-frequency systems pulling from higher-frequncy structures, according to the manner in which Gary Zukav spoke it, the first place I see is in schools. It really doesn’t matter if it is private or public school, but these institutions are so focused on putting facts, statistics, and trite ideas “into” these children, as opposed to pulling the child-like innocence and the divinity out of them. These places of learning are actually places of draining. Children get so discouraged with this unnatural way of learning, and there is no surprise why we have so many children who suffer from so-called “mental disorders”, and the only remedy is to give the students these mind-altering pills. Plus, the curriculum is so slanted with half-truths, at best, lies, and suggestive messages that lead them to a life of ignorance, consumerism, and false identities. As many sociologists have noted, the school-to-prison pipeline is real, and it’s not just the interaction they have with law enforcement at these schools, but the way the run these places of “draining”.

On a personal level, there is no secret that because of my incarceration, particularly being incarcerated for so long, that it has an inherent sense of uncertainty. Now everybody’s life has some degree of uncertainty, but life in prison has a little more than usual. The lack of certainty and assuredness can create anxiety and dread, as whenever I thrust myself into the future, mentally, I come back with what looks perfect in the mind, but trying to blend that reality, it gets murky. Allowing supreme peace, optimism, and relying on my intellect and imagination should be what resists against these ill feelings of fear and doubt, but this is such a precarious position, that I have to be extra guarded to overcome this “lower frequency” energy, and stop it from bleeding my “light” dry. It is just a constant tug, where you have heightened moments of conviction and self-determination, regardless of what lies ahead, then there are other days that are more dreary and cloudy. It would be naive to think that this confusion wouldn’t translate into my relationships. There always this either direct or indirect talk of when am I getting out, what are my plans, or who am I going to do it with, and these are all questions that create a slight tension, as I don’t have the answers to. Who asks a question and is satisfied with not receiving an answer? To me, saying,”I don’t know”, is not a valid response. That’s what children say to a inquiring parent, not a grown man, so it does lead to even an uncertainty amongst my loved ones. But the key is to allow love to reign and get you past the unknown and any self-imposed reservations.

Transitioning to the point of the chapter where Gary expounds on every being having a specific rank in creation. Using this as a good enough excuse to take a look at the entirety of the whole plane of existence, I like to rely on the “as above, so below” from the Kemet(Ancient Egypt) culture, as I can examine my entire body as a microcosm of all of creation. So in the words of G.Zukav, all of my body is precious and all of my organs, parts, and systems are equal in value, but this does not negate the fact that there are certain organs that have a specific rank above others. Can a person survive without a kidney? Yes, and for a long time, relatively speaking. Can a person survive without a brain? Without a heart? Emphatically no. Using this as a model, we can look at all of existence and see this same paradox we are both, in a humanistic way, the center of the universe and at the same time equal to a bee or dragonfly. To know that you have a place of dominion, as no other beings other than humans have the level of consciousness and freedom as we, but at the same time are called upon to sacrifice for the greater good(every living being) is a heavy burden, but one that should be taken with joy. I am both the question and the answer, as it relates to the dynamics and unseen mechanics of reality. More than anything, I am resolved to know that as long as I keep my “light” shining bright, that all potential dilemmas and confusions can be illuminated if I just listen to what my soul is saying, and that goes for all problems from where will my next dollar come from to how to lessen homelessness in my neighborhood. “As above, so below!”

Lastly, what is my non-physical “Teacher” telling me? I was just entertaining something of this sort earlier today, as I was entertaining how much we are conditioned people. I was thinking how certain cultures are still adhering to archaic tenants when it comes to how women have been denied agency and full-stop respect in social and familial matters. How do men go from little boys who love and adore their mothers to men who view women as only secondary appendages? Only through heavy conditioning. So my non-physical teachers are telling me to constantly and steadily watch how I have been conditioned to think and act a particular way, and as a precaution to assume that everything I know and do is the result of conditioning and influences. Only once I run it through a gamut of checks and assessments, can I be safe to say that some part of me is from my essence as opposed to some social construct.

When seen through authentically empowered eyes, a being with a higher rank in creation is one that has more ability to see without obstruction, more ability to live in love and wisdom, and more ability and desire to help others evolve into the same love and Light.

Gary Zukav

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