5. Intuition

“Allow yourself an orientation of openness toward your life and the Universe, to approach the questions in your life with a sense of faith and trust that there is a reason for all that is happening, and that that reason, at its heart, is always compassionate and good.”

Gary Zukav
Brandon on the sequential order of where we are now


One of the things that really struck me in this chapter was when Gary talks about following our feelings to the source. This is something I find myself doing more so when I get back home and reflect back on my day, although sometimes I do follow my emotions in the moment, it happens more when I’m alone. You know it’s one thing to feel an emotion and feel free in expressing it whether it’s positive or negative but when it’s a negative feeling that you then have to question, it isn’t so fun. Like when I reflect back on things that irritate me and get to the source I really have to come face to face with the fact that 9x out of 10 that emotion came from something I’m holding onto not someone else making me feel negative. That exercise doesn’t give me the opportunity to blame other people when I really want to! That is of course the easier thing to do in the moment but not the evolutionary thing to do for the long term. 

At the top of pg. 67 Gary speaks about how the answers to our questions may come in different forms. This took me back to 2020, like around the summertime when I was wondering what was next for me to do seeing that most places were still limited and not operating. And right after my birthday I did a 7-day juice cleanse I told you about and on like the 3rd or 4th day I had this real vivid dream of me watching a women giving birth but I couldn’t see her face nor could I see what she was birthing but everything else from the sounds to her water breaking were very vivid! I’ve thought back to that dream several times and have accepted that that was my answer to what would be coming forth in my life, that I’d be birthing something that needed to be brought into this world! Now I’m curious as to how the answers to some of your questions you may have asked in the past year have come to you? Like did you have vivid dreams or was it a solid yes or no feeling in your body?

On our intuitive nature and not wanting to hear our intuition

“What is intuition and how does it work?

Intuition is perception beyond the physical senses that is meant to assist you. It is that sensory system which operates without data from the five senses. Your intuitional system is a part of your incarnation.”

Gary Zukav


So starting with some of the points in the Intuition chapter, specifically the part when G. Zukav says we should follow our emotions to their source. You know this is something that I have only recently, like the past 5-7 years have really, really started to understand, and can readily admit that it still is a task. Being able to examine, or even better, do a semi-autopsy on my emotional self started off, and still starts off by me taking whatever emotion I am feeling and sort of boxing it off, no matter how intense. This practice of “boxing” it off, is never a full on repression or ignoring of how I feel. But rather, me acknowledging how I feel, but knowing that I do not have to allow that feeling to have its way with me. So I have this exercise where I say,”Okay, I feel like this. Is this the best way to feel about this person or episode in my life?” With me, it usually takes some time away from the person or situation to make a sound determination if this emotion is the right one. While life doesn’t always give us this “grace period”, if you will, I take time to create one when I can. In this process is when I start to do a proverbial “ancestry” test to see where my feelings come from, and whether that “lineage” has any illnesses it is prone to display. I can say it has taken me a while to get to this point, but I do understand the importance of tracing the “bloodline” of our emotions, as how can you assign a “birthright” for them. I don’t know about you, but I want to know where my emotions come from, and I don’t mind doing the work to find out.

Then when the notion of answers coming from different places and in different forms surfaces, I cannot do anything but acknowledge that it takes a special kind of person to see the signs and wonders that are everywhere. I think we live in a world and culture that demands direct responses to every message and thought. Think about it, the way to get in touch with~~is called, “Direct Messaging”(D.M.ing). What is the social media platform that this “direct messaging” exists on? “Insta”-gram! We want everything direct and instant. This is how we are raised to receive our answers too, directly and instantly. We teach our children to “be direct”. But what happens when we have to use a divine gift called discernment to find the right messages? The keys to life reside both in hidden places and in the open, but even the hidden places are not so hidden if one has patience and the will to unearth them. The answers that come from my intuition, hence the Indwelling Intelligence in me, can come to me through dreams, visual images, or even those sudden moments of insight, and I will not disregard either one of these.  I receive the best answers when I am just being still and my soul is allowed to speak. Stillness is where I can emerge and have such clarity, but that is still just a part of the process. After the still state, and these answers are present, the most important part still is there…these answers have to fit into the moving parts of my life, and they cannot create other problems and complications. See a lot of people have premonitions, insights, so on, but do these insights solve more problems than they create? Do these answers fall in line and are in harmony with the many vital and righteous parts of my life? If so, then I know they are the “right answers”, and these are the answers I am seeking and listening too.

“You may not always be capable of hearing the answers to your questions when you ask them, and the answers may not always come in the ways that you expect, but they always come.”

Gary Zukav


I also wanna ask you about your emotional and nutritional cleansing that Gary references on pg. 69 as it pertains to the techniques we can use to engage and discipline our intuition. Are you conscious of the ways that your nutrition affects or aids your ability to clearly hear what your soul is communicating to you and how do you manage your emotional releases in order to not have blockages within your body?


When it comes to the necessary techniques used to enhance or nourish your intuition, I do not think we can overstate just how important it is to give your intuition a clear runway to take flight on. Yes, I do understand the role a proper diet has on not only our personality, but on giving our physical body the latitude to become the vessel that is meant to receive these images and inspirations. Treating your body right is like putting the satellite on top of a building in the right place to receive optimal reception. Eating with and in moderation keeps you balanced and homeostasis intact. The same emotionally, as we cannot hear our intuition, or feel it, when we have the static and white noise of our emotions, impulses, and desires drowning it out. Imagine if one of Stevie Wonder’s classic songs, Cheri Amor, is playing, and someone turns the volume all the way up, with no equalizer to balance out the bass and treble. Oh, it makes Stevie sound jacked up. This is akin to having your emotions distort the sweet songs of your intuition. The ways I choose to have some emotional cleansing, in order for my intuition to flourish, is that I consciously decide that my emotions are not me, first off. Once I decide to tell myself that these emotive actions are not my identity, it becomes much easier to either discard or resolve. It is easier to dissolve a marriage when there’s lil connective tissue there (kids, property, businesses). Figuratively speaking, I never try to marry my emotions. But also, I try to deliberately ask myself how is this emotion serving me? Is this the best possible emotion? And find constructive ways to release or decompress, and after a few hours or even a day, usually I am on to the next emotion that needs attending to.

“What is truth?

Truth is that which does not contaminate you, but empowers you. Therefore, there are degrees of truth, but, generically, truth is that which can do no harm. It cannot harm.”

Gary Zukav

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