1. Evolution

a continuation on the guiding idea of “A Reverence For Freedom” 


Evolution as Freedom. What role does my own evolution play in our freedom? Before our larger communities, social groups and countries can evolve we have to go within. We gotta go back to those moments in our past when we first learned about who we were, or did we learn about everything outside of us first? I remember learning about the human cell and all of its components in my 6th grade science class and how every part of the cell had a role to play in making sure the overall cell survived and thrived. I see us as individual cells making up the entire human body; but what if a cell forgets what its role is or rather tries to mimic itself to other cells without realizing that it’s a uniquely made being on its own? In what ways does my own awareness and perception of self affect yours? 

Taking into account the limits of my five senses as it relates to quantum physics and the larger universe that I’m a part of I have no choice but to go within myself to really feel what my body is sensing, to really experience what my eyes are looking at and to really observe what my mind is thinking. What are we learning from the environment that we’ve created? What’s based in fear and what’s based in love? And which area am I spending most of my time in?

“At each moment you choose the intentions that will shape your experiences and those things upon which you will focus your attention.”

Gary Zukav


I am drawn back to one key point that Gary Zukov makes, and that is we must choose our intentions. I’m learning to choose my intentions and aim them towards intellectual, social, and moral enlightenment. The paradox of having a reverence for freedom and how it fits within the scope of evolution is that freedom is the actual substance of evolution. You evolve because you have either the biological or mental freedom to do so. The essence of evolution is that we become more complex. The more complex we become, the more we respect the nuance and delicate nature of the moving parts around us. This complexity allows us to be distinguishably different from the generations before us.

As we evolve, our versions of freedom reflect the higher degree of admiration and honor we place on what it means to be free. But what are we being freed from? This evolved freedom is one that doesn’t produce fear, terror, malice, or rage at those who display differences. We are being freed from a simple consciousness into an enlightened consciousness. Our language mirrors this as well, where we’re able to name, describe, and hence create the circumstances and institutions that are layered and structured according to this thorough understanding of real freedom. The work of properly revering freedom starts with us as individuals, as any evolution of a species starts with individual members of that species. I would only ask the question(s): does the present-day manner in which you see the concept of freedom allow you to live life longer and fuller? Are you able to manifest happiness and joy with how you conceptualize what freedom is? Do you intentionally respect and value your freedom and the freedom of others with your beliefs and actions? THINK, SPEAK, BE THE FREEDOM YOU ARE DESTINED TO EXPRESS!! YOU ARE ALREADY THE FREEDOM YOU DESIRE!!

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